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03/21/2024 - 4:42 p.m.

I'm banned from posting in a Reddit subreddit.

The weird thing is, I don't know why. No one can tell me -- I've asked, a couple times, in a couple different places. So I'm left here to come up with theories...

My best guess is someone didn't like what I said, politically, so a group filed a bunch of complaints about my account, and that spooked some moderator (or automated system) into thinking "If there's this many complaints, I must auto-flag this account."

My second guess is I was probably posting too many links to my own blog -- and that rather than ever tell me that, a moderator told me to "review the rules," and then took my continued link-posting as evidence of fragrant disregard (and flagged me for auto-deleting).

It could also just have something to do with the moderator's strike. (Like, they replaced moderators with automated tools that are oversensitive/make "false postives.") Or that somebody slipped in and maliciously put me on the auto-delete list before being replaced by somebody else who just didn't want to overrule a previous moderator.

Reading up on other people having the same experience, I see lots of other picayune reasons why people aren't allowed to post. Maybe I'm coming to the thought that: I don't really want to post to Reddit.

Because it requires keeping track of so many bizarre regulations -- which vary for each subreddit -- that I'd rather just not post at all.

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