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11/29/18 - 3:54 p.m.

It basically boils down to this. I come home kind of spun up about a really emotional movie I just saw. My girlfriend had said she wanted to go, but then said was too tired after lunch, and spent those two hours lying on her bed. So when I came home I asked her if I could tell her about the movie.

"No," she said. "I'm too busy sending text messages."

To be fair, we're both concerned about our lonely recently-retired friend, who had to spend Thanksgiving alone in a new town. So I waited a few minutes -- but, no, my girlfriend was still too busy sending text messages to actually talk to me. Eventually I grabbed my laptop and headed out the door to the library. But, yeah, I feel rejected. It's hard to really grapple with what a total "you're not important to me" moment that was. I guess I should've gotten mad about it, stomped my feet and said "Pay attention to me."

It's hard for me to get any work done, now that I'm so angry...

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