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05/24/2021 - 6:38 p.m.

Just sort of out of sorts today. Maybe part of me liked it when I couldn't go anywhere. Now I have all these catch-up dentist appointments and doctor appointments. I don't want to sink into a gripe-y/complain-y kind of mood... But the outside world isn't as simple as just staying indoors for a year...

You eat at a restaurant - but the food is greasy and overpriced, and not exactly what your body wanted to eat. You take a walk, but it's not quite enough exercise - though it still makes you sore and cranky. Aw, maybe I'm just upset because I got my new eyeglasses, and I really can't get used to them, and I feel like they're giving me double vision. So now I'm just being a good sport and gritting my teeth and trying to "get used" to them.

And tomorrow, I have a catch-up doctor's appointment.

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