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04/28/2022 - 2:23 p.m.

I've found a way to be less angry at my boss. I just think of them as "Gilligan."

You know how he always fouled everything up -- but he never meant to. If anything he was over-eager. And that's how I'm trying to see my boss. I feel kind of sorry for them - condemned to a life of feigning competence, with knee-jerk blurting out of whatever they've calculated would be the most ingratiating thing. And not even having the spontaneous humanity that would make that a meaningful exercise. Instead always standing there, trying to guess what the right thing is to say, and then shouting that out and hoping they've guessed right...

How can you take that seriously? Shake your head, minimize your contact...

And hope Gilligan doesn't foul anything up again...

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