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10/11/2022 - 6:37 p.m.

Honestly, I think I'm angry for entirely physiological reasons. High altitude. A bad night's sleep. Weird meals. Or, hell, maybe I caught a virus...

But then something annoying actually does happen. And how do you know just how much anger is really appropriate?

I see my boss screwing up. I should just let it go -- because, hey, he's my boss. It'd be stupid to antagonize him, right? So I guess I just work around it -- like everyone else. Maybe secretly hope that it eventually catches up with him. But it probably won't.

And it is, truly, not that big a deal. So, let it go. I say to myself...Maybe that's the problem.

I have to admit that I actually cared about the work I was doing. And I'm disappointed that my boss screwed it up. Gilligan, you've done it again.

And then go back to being friendly. "Try again tomorrow...."

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