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06/25/19 - 4:46 p.m.

So, I really turned this day around...

I went to the gym, and was sore and tired and easily irritated. So this easily could've turned into a cranky/stressful kind of day -- but it didn't.

Usually I come here to complain. But today I came here to celebrate.

See, I figured out how to set up my phone so it's a "mobile hotspot" -- portable wi-fi. So I found a shady spot overlooking some flowers by a little pond, and I'm doing my work there. First I fought my way through a customer service help line a couple of times, but eventually I prevailed! I got what I wanted -- I got my order placed, the way I want it. (And it's something I really want. Woo-hoo! Hooray!)

And I actually got some good news today. My boss says he'll actually give me some extra work for next week. (So I'll be able to afford this big grand purchase I'm making!) Money in the pipeline, order on the way. In fact, I made another order earlier today. And there's another paycheck that's about to drop into my bank account tomorrow...

So, anyways, sitting under a tree, crossing everything off my list. I feel like a high school kid sitting in his car listening to the radio... So great to finally be "out of school" and out in the real world. I'm even listening to some classic rock.

So yeah, my life does not suck. Enjoying a sunny summer day -- and groovin' to some cool tunes.

My life is awesome!

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